When lives are on the line, healthcare workers rely on dependable, high-quality medical equipment. The right medical connectors can increase safety, efficiency, reliability, and ease of use in high-stakes environments like hospitals and clinics.

Medical connectors are designed to the highest standards of quality to ensure the safety of patients and medical personnel, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on patient care instead of equipment management.


Medical connectors provide interconnect solutions for a variety of healthcare devices in surgical, diagnostic, and therapy systems, amongst others. They’re regularly used by surgeons, physicians, nurses, radiologists, EMTs, and medical technicians, so reliability is essential.

Many medical connectors feature smaller footprints to accommodate applications that require high power density in a small package. Other important features include durability, sterilization, and ease of use:


  • Durability: Because medical connectors often require high numbers of mating cycles, they must be durable and sturdy. Some applications also necessitate the use of waterproof medical connectors that meet or exceed IP68 specifications.
  • Sterilization: Medical equipment is subject to frequent sterilization procedures, so connectors must be corrosion-resistant and able to withstand repeated exposures to high temperatures and harsh cleaning conditions while remaining safe and hygienic.
  • Ease of Use: Because medical connectors may be connected and disconnected by both trained professionals and untrained novices, they must be foolproof to prevent incorrect mating or damage to equipment.


These serve as just some of the interconnect solutions offered by Positronic. To view our full Positronic offerings CLICK HERE


D-sub connectors are used in a wide range of applications. D-sub connectors are often used on communications ports, creating connections between different products such as CPUs, copiers, printers and other power supply units.

DB9 connectors are used for token ring networks as well as other computer networks and the controller area network (CAN). D-sub connectors have also been used for computer video output, game controller ports, multi-channel analog, and AES digital audio in recording studios, as well as a variety of medical applications. Many the Positronic’s D-Sub connectors are NASA GSFC S-311 specification qualified.

Air Electro stocks a large variety of Positronic D-Sub connectors.



Panther (PA) SeriesThe Panther (PA) series IP65/IP67/IP68/IP69K connector offers a multiplicity of connector features, which makes it a first choice for demanding rail, earthmoving, medical battery, and related applications.

It features operating temperatures up to 200ºC and is UV, shock & vibration, and salt spray protected.





Positronic Rectangular Connectors Product OfferingRectangular connectors are engineered to optimize signal and power integrity in applications with limited internal space. Positronic Rectangular connectors come in all shapes, sizes, and material varieties helping your diverse needs. For medical and rugged applications and wire-to-wire or board-to-board projects, air Electro and Positronic cover your engineering needs.

At Air Electro, we stock Rugged Rack & Panel, Mini Rectangular and Slim Power Positronic connectors.

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