Product Highlight: Radiall Multiport Connectors

Radiall is widely recognized as a leading and innovative manufacturer of multipin and modular connectors designed for the Aerospace and Defense markets.

Multi-port connectors consist of multiple coaxial contacts of the same interface integrated into a single connector module. Coaxial contacts are carefully designed to provide low insertion force, blind mating and high reliability. Multiport connnectors enable higher interconnection density and reduce installation time.

The product range consists of modular PCB mount connectors up to 6 ports, coaxial contacts for 38999 circular connectors, and custom multiport solutions.

Here, we discuss the variety of the multiport options by Radiall that are offered by Air Electro:

Radiall Coaxipack 2


Radiall COAXIPACK 2 Connectors

Radiall COAXIPACK 2 Connectors

Radiall COAXIPACK 2 Connector Series Part Numbers Start with the R694 and R199 Prefixes


The Coaxipack 2 series has been designed in accordance with the IEC 61076-4-104 (standard 2mm geometry system). Coaxipack 2 provides high-density coaxial connectors aimed at high speed and space-saving applications. The Coaxipack 2 series is available in 50Ω and 75Ω.



  • Telecom / Datacom (Transmission equipment, Satellite Communication Systems, Base station)
  • Medical
  • Networking industry
  • Instrumentation


  • High-speed data network
  • Digital Broadcast System (Routers, Switching and Control Systems, Monitoring and Signal Measurement, Encoders etc…)


Coaxipack 2 combines high-performance miniature coaxial connectors with the convenience, compacity and cost-effectiveness of 2mm metric systems.


  • Excellent for coaxial signal transmission: low crosstalk, low signal distortion, high level of EMI/RFI shielding
  • High-speed performance: Minimum reflection and propagation delay, sub-nanosecond rise time capabilities
  • Ruggedized for a variety environments: Industrial applications, humidity, shock, vibration…


  • Space savings on PCB, reduced PCB routing complexity and supplies adequate spacing for high-speed routing.
  • Stackable with other 2mm metric modules (ex: power, signal) from most manufacturers.
  • Maximum flexibility in system architecture due to Coaxipack’s modular design-system designers are able to upgrade designs and add new functions without having to adopt major changes in the hardware configuration.


  • Connector choice

Radiall offers either ready to use modules (housing + inserts) or cable assembly kits.

  • Shielded connectors

Additional choices with two ways of plating to improve the shielding level:

(1) Addition of metal plates to the plastic housing

(2) Metallization of the plastic housing

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Electrical connectors from Air Electro

Radiall Custom Multiport Connectors


Radiall Custom Multiport Connectors

Radiall Custom Multiport Connectors


A multiport connector consists of several coaxial connectors of the same interface integrated into a single connector module. Popular interfaces used for multiport design are SMP, SMPM, BMA and MCX. Radiall can design custom multiport solutions with a various number of ports in 50 or 75 ohms, for a large spectrum of applications from PCB and module interconnection to outdoor radio I/O.

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Radiall Banana Plugs


Radiall Banana Plugs

Radiall Banana Plugs


Radiall Banana Plugs part numbers start with the R9xx prefix

Radiall offers a wide selection of high quality and reliable professional banana plugs for the most demanding test and measurement applications.

Radiall’s professional banana plugs consist of two major series and adapters:

The 4mm Series

  • Safety plugs and sockets
  • Safety patch cords
  • Standard plugs and sockets
  • Standard patch cords
  • Accessories

The 2mm Series

  • Plugs and sockets
  • Patch cords
  • PCB test points
  • 20-way fixed connector
  • Short circuit links
  • Contact block and ribbon patch cords
  • Accessories


  • 2mm/4mm banana adapter
  • BNC/2mm banana adapter
  • BNC/4mm banana adapter
  • Banana adapter patch cord
  • Coaxial banana adapter patch cord


  • Research institutes and laboratories
  • Education – Instrumentations
  • Low voltage
  • Electronics
  • Engineering


Radiall’s in-house technologies ensure high reliable product solutions due to its expertise and advanced design technology.

Radiall’s contacts consists of a monobloc pin fitted with a copper beryllium spring finger. Depending on the model, the pin may or may not have a protective sleeve.

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Air Electro has been your Connector solution for over 65 years.  If you are ready to explore our enormous inventory, place your order, or ask questions, visit the Radiall section of our website

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