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Explore the deepest parts of space, the companies and technologies getting us there, and the industry of space exploration.

Emotional Support Robot Arrives on the ISS

  On Sunday, SpaceX’s Dragon capsule docked at the International Space Station, bringing supplies, experiments including “mighty mice” — oh, and a friendly robot to keep the astronauts company for the next three years. CIMON-2 is the next generation of the Crew Interactive Mobile Companion. The robot was built by Airbus at the German Aerospace Center

Thanksgiving In Space – How Astronauts Aboard the ISS Dine

Thanksgiving at the International Space Station Astronauts aboard the International Space Station plan on getting creative with their Thanksgiving meal in orbit. To commemorate Thanksgiving this year, the astronauts on board the International Space Station shared a video of themselves discussing the holiday and what it means to them. But they couldn’t talk about Thanksgiving without at least mentioning

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