Souriau by Eaton Interconnect Solutions for Space

The Space Industry is challenged by the harshest environments from the high level of stress at launch to the extreme conditions of space.

However, every launcher and spacecraft demands the highest level of reliability.

Based on proven capabilities, Souriau by Eaton Connection Technologies is backed by an outstanding heritage with 50 uninterrupted years of experience in launcher interconnection and 30 years of experience in space interconnection. With the ability to provide standard products and develop dedicated solutions, Souriau by Eaton is committed to continuing to support the evolution of the Space Industry.



Souriau by Eaton Solutions:

  • Military-grade shielding performances to preserve signal integrity
  • “Dead face” technologies to protect against external high-frequency electromagnetic threats
  • From high to cryogenic temperatures
  • Self-ejection based on redundant mechanisms, with mastered cinematics
  • Blind mating and compliance mechanism
  • Optical fiber, fluids, electric current
  • Custom solutions and standard solutions

The launcher industry faces the harshest conditions such as various ground environments, high-level vibrations, shocks, crossing the atmosphere layers, right up to space. Any type of launcher is committed to the highest level of reliability. Fierce competition in this evolving market is pushing the designers and operators to find a new balance between technical excellence and launch cost.

Since the 1960’s Souriau by Eaton has been supporting the launcher’s industry by providing internal interconnections, interstage solutions, and the main umbilical connections. This involvement has been strong and ceaseless, committed to drawing for their customers worldwide the new generations of space interconnect solutions.

Based on proven capabilities and backed by an outstanding heritage, Air Electro can use Souriau by Eaton to develop dedicated solutions meeting the highest requirements of the state-of-the-art launchers, and provide standard ranges off the shelf (COTS) to satisfy the needs of performance, availability, cost optimization, and high reliability.



Souriau by Eaton Solutions:

  • High-reliability solutions, qualified against ESA, NASA and MIL standards
  • Nonmagnetic, non-outgassing interconnect solutions enabled by a strict selection of compatible materials and special processes
  • Compact and lightweight design to match the size and mass optimization of your projects
  • Robust and quick mating solutions to improve your AIT efficiency
  • Wide ranges to propose a large choice of solutions
  • Expertise from product definition to validation and skilled sales team to support you on your project

The satellite industry is the perfect example of a business where failure is not an option. Strong partners you can rely on are mandatory. The environment requires onboard hardware to perform through magnetic fields, thermal cycles, vacuum, radiations, atomic oxygen, after having withstood the harsh launch conditions. But also, in this changing time for the space industry, the reliability of the partners within the supply chain as well as the relevancy of their solutions in regard to the mission are more than ever part of the prior concerns.

Since the 1980’s Souriau by Eaton has been supplying the satellite industry, supporting worldwide customers and space agencies in the research of better interconnect solutions and the highest grade of space connectors. This continuous effort has resulted in the commercialization of several standard ranges off the shelf (COTS) to satisfy the needs of performance, availability, cost optimization, and high reliability. Besides, based on their capabilities, many solutions have been designed and qualified on purpose to meet specific requirements, thus bringing in all their support to your outstanding missions.



Souriau by Eaton Solutions:

  • EVA & deep space compatible design, to sustain the high reliability and performance outside of the spacecraft, even while unmated
  • Integrated compliance mechanism to catch misalignments between the systems to connect, along with and around the 3 axes
  • Mastered operation forces and cinematics to enable controlled connections and disconnections even with a high-temperature gradient – quick disconnect version available
  • High durability (6000 operations) thanks to Low Insertion Force (L.I.F.) contacts, inducing low resistance to mating/unmating operations
  • Expertise from product definition to validation

Preparing a space mission is one of the most exciting projects of humanity. Challenges are tremendous whether we work on orbital operations or interplanetary endeavors: high precision and confidence are required in extreme – and even sometimes, never-experienced – environments.

Since the 1990’s Souriau by Eaton has been supporting the world pioneers in their missions. This all started with one of the most outstanding human project: the International Space Station, for which they designed EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity) interconnect solutions able to perform several manual and robotic operations outside of the Station – still operating today. Besides, Souriau took part in exciting space missions, providing standard space connectors tested upon specific conditions, and stage disconnection connectors and harnesses for landing probes, such as the Cassini-Huygens mission to land on Titan’s moon of Saturn after 7 years of cruise.


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