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Automation Connectors: How Automation Is Changing the Outlook of the Industry

Did you know that almost every product you’ve touched today was likely the result of an automated manufacturing process? A milk carton, a tube of toothpaste, your car, your computer: all of these items are now typically produced through a largely automated system. We’re currently in the midst of a digital transformation, and many manufacturers

All About Circular Connectors: Mil-Spec Design Summary

MIL-DTL-5015 (SAE AS50151) connectors, circular, MS3100 series (solder contact) Design Features: Threaded coupling design; eight connector configurations. Fifteen shell sizes—Range 8 thru 48 (.500″ to 3.000″ diameter). Wide variety of power and signal contact sizes (#4/0 to #20), standard density; 1 to 100 contacts. Conductive finish—Cadmium/Olive drab, 96-hour corrosion protection (standard). Application Notes: Contacts may

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