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What Are Micro-D Connectors?

Micro-D connectors are about half the size of D-sub connectors. Both are shaped like the letter D. The early D-shaped connectors were first used in computers because of their compact design. Image courtesy of Glenair Offering reliable and secure electrical connections, they feature at least two rows of parallel pins and offer high density in

Product Highlight: D-Sub Connectors

D Sub connectors, also known as D Subminiature or D type connectors are small, lightweight connectors that are ideally suited for military equipment, industrial instrumentation, ground support devices and computer equipment. They can also be found in consumer electronics, telecommunications systems, medical equipment and local area networks (LANs). D Subminiature connectors are available in a

When Failure is Not an Option: The Rigor of Mil-Aero Specs

Critical military operations and spaceflight missions are two environments where failure is not an option and failsafe performance is the minimum requirement. For this reason, the suppliers of components used to build and operate military and space instruments are held to standards and specifications that are the highest in the world. These standards are commonly

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