Circular Connectors Overview

Circular Connectors Overview

Circular connectors are a dynamic and reliable connector used in various industries around the globe. Originally designed to meet the high-performance needs of the aerospace industries and military applications, these connectors gave the U.S. Military a technological edge in the development of their mission-critical aircraft used in WWII. Large quantities of these new multi-contact connectors became integrated into nearly every American military airframe and have now become a standard. Their extreme popularity and acceptance as the standard is in part to its rugged and secure design, despite being easy to engage and disengage. Since their development in the early 1930s, circular connectors are now used in various applications in need of extremely reliable interconnections with high density contact arrangements.


Circular connectors allow easy and secure installation for various types of contacts, voltages, and currents. Their rugged design can withstand large amounts of shock and vibration during operation and their sockets are error-proof by a keyed mating design. Contacts may be soldered or crimped within the shell and users have the option of using threaded couplings or single-turn locking for installation. Installation is available for a broad range of functions because of the numerous contact configurations and densities available. If further resistance to environmental factors is needed, hermetic assemblies offer additional protection. Sealing the shell with a molded polymer or glass-sealed shell protects the connector from air and gas. After continuous improvements in functionality over the years, circular connectors are currently being used in the following industries:

  • Civil and Military Aerospace
  • Industrial Application
  • Marine Equipment
  • Communication Equipment
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Ballistic Missiles and Weapon Systems
  • Armored Carriers and Tanks
  • Test Equipment
  • And more…


Air Electro is an authorized distributor of circular connectors. We have been serving the connector market since 1952. Air Electro stocks components to assemble over 20,000 variations of circular connectors. As an authorized stocking distributor, we offer: Amphenol, Corsair, Glenair, Positronic, Radiall, RMS, Souriau-Sunbank by Eaton, TE Connectivity - DEUTSCH circular connectors and have a 48h assembly process on our value-added lines – Corsair, Souriau-Sunbank by Eaton, Radiall, RMS. Our custom designed connectors are offered and manufactured through AEI Manufacturing, an Air Electro subsidiary.