Push-Pull Connectors Overview

Push-Pull Connectors Overview

Push-Pull connectors were developed to create a strong and simple locking mechanism that can be released by a quick turn or a pinch with the fingers. They are capable of both power distribution and/or data transfer. Requiring a pinch to release the connector is intended to reduce the risk of accidental disconnect. Push-Pull connectors are cylindrical, allowing a range of sizes and various configurations. These connectors are an excellent choice for applications in limited space. They are very reliable and can be found in harsh industrial, military, radio/communication and medical/surgical applications.


Push-Pull connectors are popular because they are so simple to install, yet durable and resistant to the environment. Their versatile design allows them to be used in numerous indoor and outdoor applications. Resistance to dust, gas, mud, water, and more enables push-pull connectors to be used virtually anywhere. Their high environmental resistance has allowed them to be connected under the ground and water, in some cases. Despite being so technologically advanced, their design is simple and easy to use. Push-pull connectors have been designed in such a way that any workforce, most commonly in industrial applications, could easily apply their use around the world.


Air Electro is an authorized distributor of push-pull connectors. We have been serving the connector market since 1952. We carry a large inventory for multiple product series: JBX IP/40IP68, UTL, JMX, and ULC. As an authorized stocking distributor, we offer Souriau-Sunbank by Eaton push-pull connectors, often with the same day shipping.