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PC Tail Contacts

AEI Manufacturing (an Air Electro company) PC Tail Contacts

PC tail contacts are an effective and streamlined way to marry connectors to PC boards, flex circuits, and other electrical equipment. However, due to the unique dimensional constraints of every system, no standard exists for PC tail contacts. For this reason, Air Electro designs and stocks an expansive selection of PC tail contact sizes, lengths, diameters, and configurations to support a wide breadth of applications.

All of our contacts meet or exceed the performance requirements outlined in AS39029, yet allow greater design flexibility than traditional “crimp and poke” mil spec contact termination. Custom designs are also available, with flexible minimum order quantity and first-run turnaround time can be as fast as 6 weeks.

We welcome challenging and unusual configurations, including specialty metals, thermocouple, selective or extended-durability plating, and 45° and 90° PC tails. For those seeking impedance matched terminations, Air Electro offers coaxial, twinax, triax, and quadrax contacts with PC tails in standard and custom configurations—designed to intermate with AS39029 and other industry standard items.

In addition to discrete PC tail contacts, we proudly offer turnkey pre-terminated PCB connectors ready to mount directly onto your board. Popular styles include connectors with integrated PC board standoffs and pre-installed solder-dipped PC tail contacts. Air Electro looks forward to supporting your most challenging PC board interconnect requirements.