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Corsair Ground Power Receptacles (AS81790, MS90362, MS3505, MS17845, MS3506-1)

Corsair MIL-DTL-5015 III (MS3450 SERIES) Connectors

Air Electro stocks a vast selection of Corsair’s power receptacles including MS 90362 Series Connector Receptacle used in aircraft, external power with a shield and cover included. Our 115/200-volt, 400 hertz, 6 pin MS 3505 cover is used with MS 90362-1 and MS 90362-4. The MS 17845 shield suits MS 90362-4 connector series. Lastly MS 3506-1 is a connector receptacle used in aircraft and external power applications featuring 28-volt DC operating power and 3 pins.

Contact Air Electro’s technical professionals with all the questions regarding Corsair’s ground power receptacles.

Description Military Part Number Corsair Part Number Remarks
Connector, Receptacle, External Electric Power, Aircraft, 115/200 volt, 400 hertz, 6 pin. MS 90362-1 CJ01 GP6RP-1 With Shield only. Basic Receptacle only With Shield and Cover
MS 90362-3 CJ01 GP6RP
MS 90362-4 CJ01 GP6RP-4
Shield (for six pin) MS 17845-1 014-1627-001  
Cover (for six pin) MS 3505-1 411-1600-001  
Connector, Receptacle, External Electrical Power, Aircraft, 28 VDC Operating power, 3 pin. MS 3506-1 CJ01GP3RP/ CJ01GP3RP-1 Receptacle with shield. Receptacle with no shield (with no applicable part number).