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Corsair MIL-DTL-5015 Series III – Ground Power Receptacles

MS3450 Series, AS81790, MS90362, MS3505, MS17845, MS3506-1 Connectors

The 5015 series III is a rear release military circular connector with a threaded coupling designed for military/aerospace and industrial applications. It is a rugged connector that performs well in environments that require extreme reliability with high power handling features. Common applications include industrial machinery, engines, all road vehicles, sensors and telecommunication equipment.

The shell material is an aluminum alloy or stainless steel. Plating options for aluminum shells are olive drab chromate over cadmium, electroless nickel, and black anodized. Stainless steel plating options are olive drab chromate over cadmium or a passivated steel.

There are 12 shell size options, from size 8 to 40, with over 100 contact layouts available. The 5015 connector utilizes the AS39029 crimp contacts with rear release contact retention. Contact sizes range from size 16 on the small end to a large size 4.

Air Electro is a franchised value-added distributor for Corsair’s 5015 rear release series III connectors. We stock the full breadth of shell types, material, plating and insert arrangements as well as maintaining large amounts of stock on the AS39029 contacts required for the connectors. With large amounts of stock and a 48-hour value-added turnaround time, Air Electro is a proven source for MIL-DTL 5015 series connectors.