Glenair is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of connectors, backshells and interconnect cable assemblies. Founded in 1956, Glenair was the first company specifically founded to produce electrical connector accessories. Building on that foundation they now offer a dozen, full-spectrum product lines designed to meet every interconnector requirement, including a broad range of military qualified commercial connectors.

Air Electro has been a franchised distributor for Glenair since 1991, offering the full breadth of Glenair product. Beginning in 2012 Air Electro teamed up with Glenair to be their first distributor to sell Glenair’s cutting edge opto electronic product.

We maintain a vast inventory of Glenair’s same day shipment inventory on hand at Air Electro, and being less than 25 miles from Glenair’s headquarters in Glendale, CA, Air Electro is an excellent source for quick deliveries of Glenair’s entire line of connectors and accessories.