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Glenair Mighty Mouse Series 802 (Aqua Connectors)

High-Pressure Sealing and Rugged Design in a Miniature Package

Originally developed for petroleum pipeline inspection equipment. Series 802 connectors are available in ten sizes from 1 to 130 contacts and equipped with Viton® O-rings to withstand exposure to corrosive chemicals and high temperature environments. These connectors feature high density crimp Mighty Mouse inserts, 316 stainless steel or marine bronze shells and a "piston" O-ring for hydrostatic sealing. Series 802 insulated wire, panel mount receptacles can be ordered as square flange, in-line or jam-nut versions. Choose integral shield termination platform or accessory thread for use with a variety of strain relief options. Crimp style gold-plated crimp contacts accept #12-30 wire. Printed circuit board receptacles come with factory installed solder cup contacts (non-removable) or PC tails. Connectors are backfilled with epoxy potting compound. Hermetic glass-sealed connectors come with solder cup contacts (non-removable) or PC tails. Choose Jam-nut, square flange or weld mount versions. 100% tested to meet 1 x 10-7 cc/sec helium leakage. Open face pressure rating 1000 PSI.

Current Rating #23–5 A, #20–7.5 A, #16–13 A, #12–23 A
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage #23–750 VAC, #20HD–1000VAC, #16 and #12–1800 VAC
Insulation Resistance 5000 megohms minimum
Operating Temperature -65° C. to +175° C.
Hydrostatic Pressure 3500 PSI mated, 1000 PSI open face (hermetic)
Shock 300 g.
Vibration 37 g.
Durability 2000 mating cycles
Shells, Jam Nuts 316 stainless steel or marine bronze
Coupling Nuts Marine bronze, unplated
  • Copper alloy, 50 µInch gold plated. Socket hood: stainless steel, passivated.
  • Hermetic pin contacts: Nickel-Iron alloy per ASTM-F-30, 50 µInch gold plated
Insulators High grade rigid dielectric
Contact Retention Clip Beryllium copper alloy
Interfacial Seal, O-rings Viton Rubber
Interfacial seal, rear grommet Fluorosilicone rubber, blue
O-rings Viton®