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Radiall QLI Connectors

Radiall QLI connector series part numbers start with the R184 prefix

Radiall has expanded its broad range of Quick Lock products with QLI (Quick Lock Low Intermodulation). With the QLI, Radiall introduces a new solution for harsh environments, where performance and safety are critical. QLI connectors are designed to provide performance similar to DIN 7/16 with a very low intermodulation level, and a quick and safe connection, without any tools. Compared to 7/16, QLI is cheaper but also smaller (-31%) and lighter (-62%) offering an easy to use concept with its bayonet coupling system.

Its double sealing, in addition to a special anti-corrosion & watertight plating, makes this connector the best choice for outdoor installations and also indoor applications where the best performance is required. QLI connectors are available in plugs, jacks, straight or right angle, square sockets & bulkhead models with a compact design allowing high density integration (saving time on field installation).

Its simple jack design makes QLI robust and easy to clean when equipments are subjected to severe conditions in the field.


  • Quick Lock Low Intermodulation connector
  • Bayonet coupling mechanism
  • High power rating
  • 31% smaller & 60% lighter than 7/16


  • IEC 61169
  • MIL PRF 39012


  • Telecom
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Indoor and outdoor use


  • Impedance 50Ω
  • Frequency range DC - 6 GHz
  • Very low intermodulation level <-163dBc
  • Bayonet locking concept provides coupling retention force 450 N
  • VSWR 1.04 + 0.02 √f
  • Meets all requirements for IP67
  • High mating life
  • 3 step connection: Engage, Push & Lock
  • Intuitive design concept
  • Light weight
  • Reduced size allows more space for other components
  • RF Power: Up to 1000 W @ 2 GHz