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Radiall SMP-LOCK Connectors

Radiall SMP-LOCK connector series part numbers start with the R222 L prefix

Radiall has expanded its broad range of SMP products with SMP-LOCK™ connectors featuring a robust locking mechanism, which dramatically increases the retention force of the interface and prevents accidental disconnection.

They have been specially designed for harsh environments and to withstand more severe vibration and drop tests.

SMP-LOCK™ connectors are suitable for cable-to cable or cable-tomodule interconnections inside equipment subject to harsh mechanical stress such as airborne radars, avionics, satellites, missile, UAV and UGV applications.


  • Excellent electrical performances combined with robust locking feature
  • Two step connection, low insertion force
  • Audible click indicates that plug is locked, eliminating accidental disconnections
  • Locking sleeve provides greater retention force more than 450 N with RG-405 cable
  • SMP interface has a high frequency DC-40 GHz
  • Plug equipped with EMI ring offers improved RF leakage performance -92dB at 18 GHz
  • SMP-LOCK™ uses limited detent interface for lower connect/disconnect forces, less mechanical stress and a longer life cycle
  • Extraction tool available for easy unmating in high density panels

IP67 rating when mated