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Radiall SMP Connectors

Radiall SMP connector series part numbers start with the R222 prefix

Radiall SMP series meets MIL STD 348, figure 326 interface standard, and DESC specifications 94007 & 94008. They are intermateable with GPO® (Gilbert Engineering Inc.).

There are 3 levels of retention (applicable to the male connectors when ordering) which provide different levels of force required to connect and disconnect the connectors:

  • Full detent for a positive locking with a maximum retention
  • Limited detent for a positive locking with a medium retention
  • Smooth bore for the lowest retention (slide connection)

Radiall also offers multiport solutions with SMP interface allowing better alignment control while mating multiple connectors. The multiport concept increases density and allows the operator to save installation time by connecting several SMP connectors in one operation.


  • Small, lightweight connectors
  • Snap-in, suitable for blindmate applications
  • Excellent vibration and shock performa


  • Active array antenna
  • Satellite • Airborne / Ship / Ground radar
  • Communication equipment
  • High speed electro-optical devices
  • Board to board applications