Souriau-Sunbank by Eaton ULC Series – Push-Pull Connectors

ULC connectors provide a push-pull connection which secures against accidental disconnections and minimizes mating force to ensure an ergonomic use of connectors. ULC connectors can be equipped with 8 different keying, that also protects the contacts during the mating process.

ULC Series offers a wide connection choices, from glovebox walls feedthrough to equipment connectors through junction boxes and in-line connectors.

The ULC junction boxes (IP55) optimize the cabling inside gloveboxes, by grouping up to 8 connections in one main cable and thus reducing the number of feedthroughs needed on the glovebox walls.

The ULC feedthrough connectors are hermetic, meeting the requirement of the industry to maintain the containment of gloveboxes.

  • Technical Data for the parts related to this Series:

Available in Brass, Titanium and Stainless Steel

4 shell sizes

Easy to use even with two pairs of gloves, the outer shells are specially machined to ensure an easy catching and handling with gloves while ensuring the gloves will not be damaged by sharp edges.

Multipin signal & power, thermocouple, coaxial

IP55 to IP68

Contacts : Crimp removable or solder fixed

Insulation resistance : 5GΩ under 500 Vdc (unmated)

Endurance : 500 mating / unmating

Temperature range: -50 to +175°C

Salt spray resistance: 500 hours