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TE Connectivity Deutsch M39029 Contacts

(M39029 / AS39029)

TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Contacts – M39029 Series (MIL-C-39029 Series I, II, III, IV) 


Air Electro is a world leader in distribution of electrical contacts. We stock a multi-million-dollar inventory and offer the same day shipping for the majority of electrical contacts in today’s market. DEUTSCH M39029 contacts are most commonly used in in civil and military applications. They offer signal and power transfer and are used in electronic boxes, industrial, military, civil, space and aerospace applications. These contacts meet all the MIL-C-39029 and MIL-C-29600 standard requirements.

Benefits: Ease of installation, improved signal transmission, controlled soldering.

Features: Prefluxed solder, easily repairable with almost no wire preparation.

Applications: Easy cable harnessing and repair. Used in military aerospace and ground defense, MRO, civil aviation, automotive, industrial.