Markets Served

Military and Defense

For over 50 years Air Electro (AEI) has been a market leader in providing custom and standard solutions to the Military Aerospace and Defense industry. Whether the application involves Military Transport, Smart Soldier, or Ground/Air Support, AEI can provide an interconnect solution.

MilAero solutions provided by AEI include MIL-DTL 38999, MIL-DTL 26482, MIL-DTL 83723, MIL-DTL 5015, and MIL-DTL 83513.

Defense products provided include Quick Connect / Disconnect (JDX * 8D8 - *D9 Series), R.F. Connectors (SN 1767 - SN 2297, MIL-DTL 1553B, and 8 Bus Ser.), and Rack & Panel Connectors (S700 Series, ARINC 400 and 600 Series), Engine Connectors (8533 Ser. and MIL-DTL 38999 Ser. III), and Hermetics (D, SUB H Series).

Featured Products

  • Engine Controller Box
  • Stand Off Connector. PC Tail High Density.
  • Engine Panel System
  • Filtered Connector
  • Fire Suppression System
  • CH47 Helicopter
  • V22 Osprey
  • Military Radio Box
  • M24308 Rectangular Connector
  • V22 Osprey