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Welcome to Connector Corner by Air Electro Inc. Information and news about the cutting-edge industry of electrical connectors, defense contracts, aviation, aerospace, defense, and industrial automation and functionality.  Air Electro Inc. (AEI) has been serving and excelling in this thriving industry for over 65 years,  Originally founded by a US Marine Veteran, the team takes great pride in continuing to be a now third-generation family-owned and operated company.  Our industry is aerospace, military and defense, and industrial applications around the globe.

Ulti-Mate Data & Telecom Solutions

When your network system requires more than a standard connector, Ulti-Mate is prepared to offer custom interconnect solutions to meet the most rigid performance requirements. Their development time from concept to production is unequaled. Ulti-Mate is tooled on more microminiature configurations than anyone in the marketplace. When custom tooling is necessary, they are equipped with

8D Hermetic Solutions by Souriau-Eaton

The 8D hermetic series is a receptacle connector with thread coupling system according to MIl-DTL-38999 series III standard. 8D hermetic series have a receptacle connector with stainless steel housing and thread coupling interface which allow a quick and reliable mating. A high density solution is available by using contacts size 22. 8D hermetic connectors are available in solder

Data & Telecom Solutions Offered by Air Electro

In today’s connected world, it is essential that commercial operations have a robust and reliable network connection. From internal data transmission to external communications with the wider world, data and ethernet connectors are essential components for where computers, telephones and wired local area networks (LANs) are used. With a huge selection of telecom, ethernet and

Exploring Positronic Medical Connector Solutions

When lives are on the line, healthcare workers rely on dependable, high-quality medical equipment. The right medical connectors can increase safety, efficiency, reliability, and ease of use in high-stakes environments like hospitals and clinics. Medical connectors are designed to the highest standards of quality to ensure the safety of patients and medical personnel, allowing healthcare

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