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Explore the deepest parts of space, the companies and technologies getting us there, and the industry of space exploration.

Who Protects the Moon Site?

It Was July 20, 1969, and Way Past Pete Capelotti’s Bedtime. But as the nine-year-old sat in his family’s living room in Massachusetts watching the live broadcast of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin step out of the Apollo 11 lander and onto the lunar surface, sleep was the last thing on his mind. “I just

The History of Our Mission to Mars

As the space race to the red planet heats up and private companies aim to mine and colonize it, we take a look back on the factual history of humans and Mars. Facts: There have been eight successful US Mars landings: Viking 1 and Viking 2 (both 1976), Pathfinder (1997), Spirit and Opportunity (both 2004),

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